10 Expert-Recommended Steps to Train Your Puppy from Jumping Up


Greetings to all new and future puppy parents seeking practical and efficient ways to train their exuberant little pets. One of the most common behavioural problems in puppies is jumping up. To the uninitiated, it may seem like random behavior, but in actuality, it’s a manifestation of their innate pack instincts. Usually, they jump up to show happiness and crave attention, and the real trick is teaching them suitable ways to display such feelings.

Deciphering the Phenomenon of Puppy Jumping Up

Jumping up in puppies is more an expression than just an act. To control this habit, understanding why puppies jump up is integral. Puppies regard themselves as social elements of their human families, expressing affection in their unique way. Coming home after a tiring day might make your puppy’s joy overflow and cause a jumping spree. They may also jump up out of excitement, to seek your attention or attempt to assert dominance.

Train your puppy from jumping up

Established Methods to Address Puppy Jumping Up

1. Neglecting the Jumping Tendency

Ignore the puppy when it jumps to gain your attention. No eye contact, no hands pushing it away, and no signs of affection during its jumping spree. If needed, turn your back till it settles down.

2. Reinforce Positive Behaviour

As soon as these fuzzy creatures keep all four paws on the ground, reward them. This will make them associate the positive reinforcement with the desired behaviour.

3. Uniform Training Approach

The training principle applied should be consistent among all family members. Regularity is the cornerstone of dog training.

4. Identify the Trigger

Identifying the trigger or situation that leads to jumping up can help you take preventive measures. For instance, ignoring your puppy for the first few minutes after coming home if it tends to jump in excitement.

Preventing Jumping Up in your Puppy

Nipping this behaviour in the bud during the puppy stage prevents it from becoming a lifelong trait.

5. Obedience Command Training

Introduce basic obedience commands like ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, ‘Down’, and ‘No’ that can effectively control the jumping up behaviour.

6. Investing in Professional Dog Training

If the jumping up habit of your puppy is getting overwhelming, professional assistance should not be neglected.

Ensuring a Puppy-Friendly Environment

Design a comfortable atmosphere at home for your puppy. Supply them with chew toys to dissipate their energy. Regular walks and the opportunity to interact with other dogs and people is vital.

Mastering the art of puppy potty training – the ultimate guide to teaching your puppy to pee outside can also be an excellent resource for fostering good habits in them.


Keeping your puppy from jumping up might test your limits sometimes, but remember – nothing is unattainable. Prepare yourself with patience and love and guide your puppy through this stage. Understanding why they act as they do is key to training them effectively.

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