5 Key Elements to Consider about the Unique Kerry Beagle

A Closer Look at the Unique Kerry Beagle

The Unique Kerry Beagle, a distinct Irish dog breed, combines individual traits making it a desired family pet around the world. This comprehensive guide delves into this intriguing dog breed, its lineage, physical attributes, nature and everything in between the Unique Kerry Beagle. Our source provides more details.

Unique Kerry Beagle

Unfolding the Mysterious Secrets of the Unique Kerry Beagle’s History

Among the oldest Irish hounds, the Unique Kerry Beagle traces back to the 16th century. Nevertheless, the breed’s specific origin remains cloaked in mystery. Interesting to note, despite its name, the Kerry Beagle is not actually a beagle, but a unique breed.

Unique Kerry Beagle: A Glimpse into their Physical Traits

The Unique Kerry Beagle is a medium to large dog. Males weigh from 35-50 pounds, and females from 30-45 pounds. Not like the regular small Beagles, the Unique Kerry Beagle is sturdy, muscular and longer in comparison to its height. Their short glossy coat comes in various colors, with the commonest being black and tan.

Behaving Unique: The Temperament of Kerry Beagle

Known for their remarkable affability towards and their exceptional compatibility with children and other pets, Kerry Beagles bring a lot of love and joy to households. They are active, curious, and smart, making them not only great family pets but also adept hunters. Their adventurous streak goes well with their courageous nature.

What does Complete Health Mean for the Unique Kerry Beagle?

Known for their generally healthy conditions, Kerry Beagles typically have a life span of 10 to 14 years. They are susceptible to common hound health woes like hip dysplasia, eye ailments, and obesity. Keeping up with regular vet check-ups and providing balanced meals are essential for keeping your Kerry Beagle in prime health.

Catering to the Unique Kerry Beagle’s Necessities

Trading to their hunting-hound genes, Kerry Beagles are hyperactive dogs that need daily exercise. Training them can be fairly straightforward due to their smart nature and eagerness to please their owners. Early obedience training can assure a well-behaved adult dog.


The Unique Kerry Beagle brings together all the best – loyalty, friendliness, intelligence, and a robust body. Recognizing their unique breed features, history, and care necessities, you’re well-equipped to provide a nurturing environment for your Kerry Beagle leading to a satisfying and healthy life.

The bond shared between humans and the Kerry Beagle predates centuries and looking at their splendid traits will continue to prosper. So, if you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind, trustworthy, and amicable pet, the Unique Kerry Beagle could fit the bill perfectly.

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